M&MC Highlights: Standardized Calendar of Major Events

By Lori Hylton

One of the values highlighted in the New Way Forward is that of community. The membership of our Synod thrives on opportunities to come together to support one another through shared learning, shared worship, and shared visioning.

To support the goal of increasing opportunities to come together, the Synod hosts a wide variety of gatherings each year and supports an even broader set of gatherings within each of our 22 presbyteries. As a result, there is always something exciting happening in the Synod of the Northeast. So, to assist the various planning teams around the Synod, the Administrative Working Group has adopted a standardized calendar for the Synod’s largest gatherings.

Early Ministry Institute Looking Forward to 2017

How many pastors find there’s something major they encounter in their first call that no one in seminary had prepared them for?  Just about everyone.  The first few years of a pastor’s ministry can be extremely stressful as they negotiate new terms of call, copy machines, pastoral care issues, boundaries in friendships and relationships, and the list goes on.  The Early Ministry Institute (EMI) of the Synod of the Northeast is designed to help alleviate that stress and support a pastor during their first few years of ministry.