The Committee on Representation advises the Commission and Assembly in matters of unity and diversity.

The Committee of Representation (COR) is in the process of re-establishing itself and is discerning how COR can be most effective in relation to the New Way Forward. G-3.01013 in the Book of Order tells us that COR is to advise the Commission and Assembly regarding the implementation of principles of unity and diversity, to advocate for diversity in leadership, and to consult with the Commission on employment of personnel in accordance with the PC(USA) principles of unity and diversity.

CURRENT MEMBERS OF The Committee of Representation

RE Luci Duckson-Bramble, Long Island Presbytery
TE Ed Kang, Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery
TE Drew Paton, Albany Presbytery
TE Jeniffer Rodriguez, Elizabeth Presbytery
TE Rick Spaulding, Boston Presbytery
RE Lydia Tembo, Presbytery of New York City