Supporting Campus Ministries

The Synod of the Northeast greatly values the gifts of our young people and is committed to welcoming and celebrating their presence and leadership in all levels of our community's engagement.

We recognize that college years can be a particularly formative time for individuals, and that campus ministries can play an essential role in their spiritual discernment and development. The Synod of the Northeast is committed to supporting these ministries in cooperation with our member presbyteries and congregations. We seek to establish relationships that support this important work through partnership as well as financial gifts. For that reason, priority is given to those ministries with strong relationships to the PC(USA).

Deadline for 2019 funding: 
    - june 30, 2018

Deadline for 2020 funding: 
    - Currently under review (likely January 1, 2020)

    -synod Mission Coordinator, Margaret Mitsuyasu

If you are interested in applying for a Campus Ministry Grant, please contact our Synod Mission Coordinator, Margaret Mitsuyasu.

Because this form is not equipped to save partial entries for completion later, we recommend you prepare your application in a separate document and cut and paste your responses into this form when you are ready to submit your final version.

We expect all Campus Ministry Grant recipients to submit an annual report. They are also required to notify the Synod if the ministry or project ends during the funding period. Our definition of "report" is a loose one; we simply want to hear how things are going and what you've been learning. We welcome creativity in the manner through which this information is delivered. We will provide more information about this report and deadlines upon receipt of the grant. 

Application Form
will be posted here closer to the deadline