The Innovation Fund of the Synod of the Northeast provides funding to projects within our bounds in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the Synod of the Northeast. We seek to fund projects that are particularly innovative and move the church forward.

The Synod of the Northeast Innovation Fund is looking for gospel stories, which we believe are inherently innovative.

The Synod of the Northeast seeks to invest in, nurture, and celebrate the stories of projects, mission, witness, and ministry that transform communities by the Gospel.

Sharing these stories will strengthen the witness of the Gospel in the Northeast. If you are a new worshiping community and have applied for a grant with the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), please see our page on Emerging Gospel Communities. While funding still comes through our Innovation Initiative, the application form is slightly different capturing information unique to new stand-alone faith communities and offering the option to substitute a PMA grant for portions of the application.

We understand our grant recipients to be partners in ministry. We believe we have something to learn from you that needs to be shared with others. We pray that our contribution to your ministry makes a significant difference. We also encourage recipients to join any Synod Network that shares your passion.

Innovation Grants are available for a maximum of $20,000 per year for two years (a total of $40,000).

Application Deadlines:
    - January 4, 2019 (late-January Review)
    - april 12, 2019 (may Review) **postponed to september**
    - September 6, 2019 (late-september review)

    -synod Mission Coordinator, Margaret Mitsuyasu

If you are interested in applying for an Innovation Grant, please contact our Synod Mission Coordinator, Margaret Mitsuyasu, well before the application deadline. She will guide you through the application process and you cannot apply for this grant without our staff guiding you through the process.

Because this form is not equipped to save partial entries for completion later, we recommend you prepare your application in a separate document and cut and paste your responses into this form when you are ready to submit your final version.

We expect all Innovation Grant recipients to submit an annual report. They are also required to notify the Synod if the project ends during the funding period. Our definition of "report" is a loose one; we simply want to hear how things are going and what you've been learning. We welcome creativity in the manner through which this information is delivered. We will provide more information about this report and deadlines upon receipt of the grant. 

Innovation Grant Applicaton