M&MC Highlights: January 2019 Grant Awards

At the January 2019 Mission & Ministries Commission meeting, the Mission Working Group (MWG) reviewed several grant applications. At the working group’s recommendation, the Commission approved one Ecumenical Support grant and four Innovation & Emerging Gospel Community grants. Our partners are doing some incredible work!

Ecumenical Support

Coral Ecuménica Cántico Nuevo (New Song Ecumenical Choir)
Manos Indocumentadas Cantata (Undocumented Hands Cantata)
The Coral Ecuménica Cántico Nuevo is an ecumenical choir that gathers members from and serves in ministry with churches and communities in New York and New Jersey, including many presbyterians. More than just a choir, Cántico Nuevo is a gathering of Latinx Christian leaders committed to living out the good news of God’s love for ALL people and, indeed, for all creation. Through its 30-year history (founded in 1989), the choir has engaged diverse ministries, including the development of Latinx worship leaders, the collection, development, and dissemination of bilingual musical repertoire, and ministries with children.

In response to the current plight of immigrants and asylum seekers, the choir is developing a bilingual multimedia biblical cantata titled Manos Indocumentadas (Undocumented Hands). The cantata will focus on the biblical passages that speak of God’s intention and call for the care of immigrants as well as weave together the real-life accounts of recent immigrants and the reactions of people of faith in an inspiring story of transformation and hope. The Synod is excited about this ministry as it reflects many of our own values and commitments and we hope the choir’s work may serve as a tool for many within our bounds.

Innovation Projects &
emerging gospel communities

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Presbyterian Church (Yr 2)
Presbytery: Southern New England
The EGC grant to MLK Jr. Community Presbyterian Church supports the revitalization/restart of a historic Black congregation in Springfield, MA. After surviving for many years without regular pastoral leadership or support from the presbytery, this community is embarking on a new journey together, and with the presbytery, to explore the possibilities that lie under the surface for new vitality, new life, and new opportunities for service in the community.

C.A.F.E. para el Alma
Presbytery: New Brunswick
C.A.F.E. para el Alma is an emerging gospel community whose Spanish acronym stands for Comunion, Amor, Fe, Esperanza (Communion, Love, Faith, Hope), the four components of the basic structure of Christian life. This EGC serves the diverse Spanish-speaking community in the Trenton, NJ area who struggle to belong and face many challenges.

Walking Together & Walking With Me (Yr 2)
Presbytery: Northern New England
Recognizing that formalized support for grief arising from the death of a loved one is a significant but often overlooked need, and that the programs that do exist are often time-bounded while grief is a long-range and ongoing process, the Londonderry Presbyterian Church, through its pastor Karla Dias, felt called to form a ministry to provide ongoing support through community and care.

Twenty Thirty Dream Hub
Presbytery: New York City
A new endeavor of the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica, Queens, the Twenty Thirty Dream Hub will be a center of 20-somethings and 30-somethings in the Southeast Queens area empowering each other to live out their God-given dreams and visions. Adulting is better when you adult together, so the 20/30 Dream Hub hosts “Adulting 101” workshops on topics such as financial literacy, small business development, setting goals, mental and physical wellness, and other essential life skills. The centerpiece will be a co-working space for young adult entrepreneurs and innovators making entrepreneurship more accessible in Jamaica & Southeast Queens.

We are so grateful for these amazing ministries
and the many, many others that bless our Synod community!!

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