The Synod Mission and Ministries Commission meets quarterly between biennial Synod Assemblies.

It is charged with conducting the business of the Synod between assemblies. The Commission is composed of a members from each of the 22 presbyteries and elected representatives of racial ethnic caucuses and Presbyterian Women. In addition, a rotating third of our presbyteries are able to send a Youth Advisory Delegate. Term limits are a maximum of three two-year terms.

What is the process by which a person can become our Presbytery Commission Member?

The synod standing rules state: “In order to fulfill the synod’s value of diversity, the Leadership Team shall nominate to the Synod Assembly names of those to serve on the Synod Mission and Ministries Commission in the following fashion: each presbytery shall be encouraged to nominate three persons of diverse backgrounds from which the Leadership Team shall select one name to submit to the Synod Assembly.”

We recommend this because it is easier to achieve diversity in the commission when there is the opportunity to select people across the 22 presbyteries.

What is the deadline for submitting the three names?

It is helpful to have the names sixty (60) days in advance of the synod assembly in order for the Leadership Team to select the names to be forwarded to the assembly for election.

Can a presbytery submit one name instead of three?

Yes. However, in 2014 when only two presbyteries submitted the three names requested, the commission did not end up with the diversity we know to be present in the Synod of the Northeast.

Can our current commission member continue to serve?

Yes. Synod Mission and Ministries Commission members are allowed to serve a total of six years or three two-year terms.

For 2017-2019 will there be a new set of YADs serving on the Commission?

Yes. The standing rules call for one-third of the presbyteries on a rotating basis to directly elect a young adult age 17 – 22 to the Synod Mission and Ministries Commission. We are rotating presbyteries in alphabetical order. For 2017-2019 the presbyteries eligible to elect YADs are: Hudson River, Long Island, Monmouth, New Brunswick, New York City, Newark and Newton.

There are many documents that Commissioners need to access to prepare for their meetings. If you are a Commissioner you can find them by logging in below. If you are unable to login, contact the Synod office.

Current members of the Mission and Ministries Commission


RE David Dorer

RE Charlie Smith

Eastern Korean
RE Hu-Nam Nam

RE Alan Ford (Treasurer)
RE Maryjane Finne

Genessee Valley
TE Anne Waasdorp

RE Virginia Champlin

Hudson River
TE Katie Rivera Torea

Long Island
TE Stephen Fearing

RE Crystal Garcia
YAD Josh Ramos

New Brunswick

New York City
RE Jacinth Hanson (Moderator-Elect)
TE Thia Reggio (Commission Moderator)

RE Warren McNeill (Synod Moderator)

TE Amy Lincoln

Northern New England

Northern New York

TE Fran Thiessen

Southern New England

Susquehanna Valley

TE Jeff Courter

West Jersey
RE David Watts

Western New York
TE Leslie Latham

African American Caucus Rep TE James Reese
Hispanic/Latin@ Caucus Rep TE Carmen Rosario
Presbyterian Women Rep RE Magdalene Lewis
Chaplain TE Terri Ofori