Highlighting the Work of Our Presbyteries & Partners

The Synod of the Northeast is glad to facilitate collaboration and resource sharing between our presbyteries & mission partners, and to celebrate their good and faithful work. 

Events shared here are genuinely open to and likely to draw an audience beyond an individual presbytery's bounds, and/or have a special connection to the Synod's commitments of racial reconciliation, inclusivity, and innovation.

For matters of relevancy to the whole Synod community, presbyteries remain the best option for promoting the work of congregations, however when an opportunity meets the above criteria, we are glad to share it here. 

Note: Synod facilitated activities appear on our Calendar page. Please be sure to check there for other great opportunities!


May 11, 2019 - Tech for Churches 2019 - Pittsford, NY
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford, NY (Genesee Valley)
Free mini-conference offers 12 workshops to help churches to harness technology.
Craig Kunkle: craig.kunkle@pittsfordpres.org (585) 586-5688

Through June 2019 - PC(USA) Mission Coworkers (Taiwan) Available to Speak
Living in Princeton, NJ while on Interpretation Assignment (New Brunswick)
Jonathan & Emily Seitz are available to speak about their work in Taiwan. Here’s a brief overview.
Jonathan Seitz: jonathan.seitz@pcusa.org (609) 216-0752

Job Postings

In order to keep this list current, job postings will be listed for two months at a time (unless an application deadline is provided). Expired postings may be relisted by submitting a new distribution request at the time of expiration.



Director of Youth Ministry
The Presbyterian Church in Westfield, NJ
Application deadline: May 31, 2019


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