Do you have a passion or an experience in ministry that you want to share with others? 

Do you want to network with others in our region to explore that further? Synod Networks are ways people gather together to move our ministry and church forward. They are spaces where we gain strength, share resources and educate ourselves and others. If you have a passion or experience that you want to share or explore with others please contact our Synod Networker, Amaury Tañón-Santos.

Then what happens? 

The Synod Networker’s job is to crisscross our region listening to people for common passions and experiences. He can tell you with whom it would be beneficial to connect. He will then help organize a group of people around your common passion or experience to meet, if possible face to face. There you will discern together if you should become a Network, while working through our Network Planning Guide

Once completed this then goes to the Mission and Ministries Commission for discussion and consideration. If approved, then you are off and running to enact the plan you have put in place. For some Networks this means you will have regional gatherings, or small conferences. The options are endless and we are excited to explore all of them with you. Some Networks might write curriculum together or produce some other kind of resource. Whatever you choose, this is an opportunity to communicate your passions to the larger Synod community. We want to support you, and we also want to learn from you. 

The Synod may provide some funding for your plan and will offer some staff support to enact your plan. Currently this most often looks like administrative support around design and meeting planning. 

After a year, your Network members, along with the Mission and Ministries Commission, will evaluate your progress and decide if you want to keep going, or if your Network has accomplished your mission.

Want to know more?

Write to our Synod Networker, Amaury Tañón-Santos.