A letter from Harold Delhagen, Transitional Leader

Dear Friends, I deeply value the community of love and care that surrounds my family and me. I feel it's important to honor that gift by sharing a great concern that has come into my life. Last month I was diagnosed with what is identified as stage 4 prostate cancer which includes metastasis to some lymph nodes. Surgery is not an option and I have begun Lupron infusions which the oncologist is optimistic will stop the growth of cancer. This treatment does not limit my activity or travel. Side effects are quite bearable. After the first year I will undergo daily radiation treatments for eight weeks. During that time I will be tethered to the Rochester area while I receive these treatments at the Wilmont Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Through that time I will be available for day trips, phone calls and other communication. This is an awesome place and I have great confidence in my medical team. I have great optimism that, while this will take a period of three years the outcome is very hopeful.

I know you will all be supporting me with kind thoughts and prayers. I only ask that we don't post replies onto this post. I would much prefer one to one communication. Donna and I are sincerely doing very well and I actually feel great. I will keep you informed if anything changes.

Love to all