A Pastoral Letter Post 2016 Election

DEAR Friends,

As we move into a changed political environment the community of the Synod of the Northeast shares in the deep grief and fear that many within our community and throughout our nation are now experiencing. This concern is not one that is partisan nor focused upon a particular elected person.  It is a concern based in what is seeming to be a social movement of polarization.  While we may have differing positions on some issues, we find a powerful consensus upon the Gospel values that form our Christian witness.  We stand in whole hearted solidarity with those who have been marginalized in the past and for whom the current political environment offers only a greater threat of hatred, violence and further marginalization.
We will stand together with our siblings of color, of those within our LGBTQ community, for those who have immigrated into our country and for those who still dream of finding a home among us. We will stand arm in arm with people of all faiths and will especially stand with the Muslim community. We will remain passionate in our commitment to gender equality.  We recognize the need to begin with common lament and that words will just not be enough.
We will renew our commitment to a greater vision that embraces these Gospel values. We will intentionally create ways for us to listen carefully to one another’s stories, our fears and our deep hope for our future as a more unified people. Our vision will be to encourage our local congregations to become places of sanctuary and lighthouses of justice reflecting the reign of God. We have long ago committed to being an alternative community of the Spirit.