Are you called to be a Mediator?

Are you a person with the rare but necessary gift to walk alongside people in conflict? Do you want to hone that gift and use it in the church? If so, you might be called to serve as a Mediator in your presbytery or within the Synod of the Northeast. We have created a Mediation Network that can provide Mediators to walk alongside churches or groups and committees in presbyteries to help solve conflicts before they reach the level of a remedial complaint. Our goal is reconciliation in Christ by mutual agreement. Matthew 5:25 and the Rules of Discipline in the Book of Order urge us to do everything we can to settle our differences, even on the way to court. Many people who have filed remedial complaints have said they did so because no one heard them. Our job is to hear all parties so that those of us in disputes don't become so angry that we are locked into a position, unable to provide space to hear God's voice.

The Spirit Moves: Presbyteries Find Common Bonds

On November 13 and 14, Presbytery Moderators from around the Synod of the Northeast gathered in Albany to engage in conversations around the New Way Forward. Just two weeks before, the Synod had held its first Come to the Table event-a biennial gathering that will alternate with our Synod Assembly as a way of bringing the whole regional community together each year. At Come to the Table, we explored three topics: Wilderness, Witness and Welcome in our life together as a regional body in the PC(USA) in the Northeast. At the moderator's gathering, we used these topics to explore the life of our presbyteries in their particular contexts.

It’s All About Networking: Synod Networker Explains How Networks Come To Be.

Networking isn’t a new term, but it is an important practice. Through networking people with people, presbyteries with presbyteries, projects with projects, the Synod community uses the power of gathering to encourage, enable and be challenged together in the Christ’s mandated mission to tell our stories of grace and transformation. The gospel community of the Synod of the Northeast is comprised of over 180,000 members, gathered in over 1,100 congregations and scores of fellowships, new worshipping communities and new church developments, related to each other in 22 presbyteries. As I have sat with many of our leaders and members over this past year and a bit, I have been amazed at the stories that I have heard. I have begun knitting together people with similar stories into what we call now a Synod Network. The intentional networking of these leaders and their stories throughout our regional community has been an important part of our joint aim to make the Synod an unencumbered space for missional innovation, witness renewal, and radical welcome.

Witherspoon Press Release 11.11.15

East Syracuse, NY: As an act of racial reconciliation, the Synod of the Northeast will clear $175,000 of debt for the Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church during their 175th anniversary celebration, scheduled for Sunday, November 15, 2015. This one-time grant is in response to the ecclesiastical lynching of the Rev. William Robeson in 1901, who was pastor of Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church and was outspoken in his advocacy for racial justice. The Rev. William Robeson is the father of Paul Robeson.

The Synod of the Northeast Welcomes the Prison Ministry Network!

Presbyterians in the Northeast have been engaged in ministry with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons for as long as we have been in this region. During its September 2015 meeting, the Synod Mission and Ministries Commission approved the formation of a Prison Ministry Network. The primary purpose of the Prison Ministry Network is to improve the pre-release and post-release reentry process of persons formerly incarcerated into welcoming communities.

Nancy's News: From the Desk of the Stated Clerk

It’s always amazing to me how much can be accomplished in 24 hours. The Synod Mission and Ministries Commission met on September 26-27 to consider overtures to General Assembly, new mission and higher education grants, a new network, and more that you will be hearing about in the time to come.

A Call to Prayer and Action

June 19, 2015 The Synod of the Northeast PCUSA Leadership and Mission Teams lift in prayer all those suffering in the aftermath of the murders of our African American brothers and sisters in Charleston, SC.

The Synod of the Northeast Mission and Ministry Commission meets next week. We vow to develop an action plan to continue the work we have begun with others in response to the racism, hatred and sanctioning of violence that gave rise to the act of terror that occurred in Charleston this week. Our mourning must give way to acts that show we are truly one in Christ with those who have died and those who are suffering the aftershocks of terror and trauma. It is our actions rather than our words alone that will bring about God's will of justice and peace. In the meantime, we offer the following prayer. Please click here to read more.

The Leadership & Mission Teams of the Synod of the Northeast statement concerning the remedial case GAPJC 2014-05 James MacKellar v. Synod of the Northeast

The Synod Leadership and Mission teams developed the attached statement concerning the remedial case GAPJC 2014-05 James MacKellar v. Synod of the Northeast. Below please find the statement in English, Spanish and Korean.

Click here for the link to the GAPJC decision in the remedial case of James MacKellar vs. the Synod of the Northeast.  


A Church in the Northeast 1 of 7 Honored for Inspiring and Innovative Ministry Programs

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Buffalo received the Katherine Hawes Award, which recognizes ministries that engage youth in all areas of the church’s mission, extending beyond the church into the community and the world. The youth fundraise all year for an annual mission trip to Hartford, Maine, where they assist the community in preparing for winter. The youth bunk and worship daily with the Hartford Community Church. The Hartford church then sends their youth group to reciprocate in the Buffalo community.  A bond was formed between two communities that dwell 600 miles apart but only inches apart in mission.