The Synod of the Northeast is committed to nurturing and incubating innovation in Presbyterian gospel communities within our geographic bounds.

We believe that innovation in ministry leads us into our own particular Reformed witness and mission in the Northeast of the United States. By investing in ministries that are leading us into spaces previously unexplored, we find deep hope in what God has in store for the future of the church. 

Our commitments are expressed in a few key areas: engaging in racial justice and reconciliation, providing unencumbered space and community for emerging leaders, funding and cultivating emerging gospel communities and innovative projects. In God’s call for us to provide that which congregations and presbyteries cannot do on their own, we also strive to support the leadership of these church bodies in flexible and nimble ways. It is out of these commitments that we have gathered presbytery moderators together to discuss their particular concerns and joys. In addition, our Networks provide a way for people and congregations to gather for support, learning and the nurturing of prophetic voices. 



Engaged in study and reconciliation through the actions of an investigating committee with Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church in Princeton, NJ. Learn more →


Organized our very first Come to the Table, a spectacular gathering of several hundred Presbyterians in the Northeast. This event provided space for community building, refreshment through worship and education, networking and the sharing of best practices. Come to the Table will continue to alternate annually with the Synod Assembly.


Created six Networks of people, ranging from passions around Gun Violence Prevention and Response, Prison Ministry and Re-entry, Coaching and Mediation.


Granted $700,000 to a variety of emerging gospel communities, innovative projects, campus ministries and more. We value each of these communities that we interact with as partners in ministry; we learn so much from each of them in their hands on, day to day ministry.