The Northern New York Committee on Ministry Network provides training, resourcing, friendship and collegiality.

We work across five Presbyteries in upstate New York as we serve in our role as facilitators for congregations as local COMs.

Getting our teams together in a new way on a regional level is very exciting for us. Many of our leaders feel alone as they work with their COMs and this Network has really buoyed us in our leadership. Because of our geographic proximity we all have similar challenges and opportunities within our presbyteries. Our goal is to share services and best practices, and to support each other.

We currently represent the presbyteries of Albany, Cayuga-Syracuse, Northern New York, Susquehanna Valley and Utica. Others are welcome to join as they are able. We hope to be a vision of how many presbyteries can come together around a common ministry need and create change that is not just for one presbytery, for a whole region.

Once a year we plan to hold a joint training retreat for all of our COMs. The upcoming retreat will be May 4-6 in Syracuse, NY.  Click for registration.

Check out the blog post from last year's gathering.


Want to learn more? Write to Rev. David Bennett.