We are called to provide unencumbered spaces for the Holy Spirit to move among us, breathing new life into us and strengthening us to work for the realm and reign of God. 

The Synod of the Northeast is a regional body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). We believe that when we gather across human-made boundaries we are uniquely positioned to nurture innovation and strengthen our gospel communities.


What We Provide

We strengthen presbyteries— through leadership development, mediation and providing organizational tools to build or re-build a sustainable future for groups of local congregations. 

We cultivate leaders— with hands-on individual coaching and group training designed in part to engage more women, younger people, people of color and LGBT people in leadership positions, as well as new and emerging pastors.

We advocate for social justice— as a voice and a platform for our churches and our communities to organize for social change, especially on issues such as racial, gender and LGBT justice.

We fund theological and social innovation and opportunities for reconciliation— making significant grants for projects at the local and regional level. In 2015, we granted $670,000 to over 40 organizations, congregations, presbyteries and campus ministry programs.

We support campus ministry and the Presbyterian Youth Triennium— offering much-needed funds to engage young people in the life of the church, creating community and nurturing students’ spiritual and intellectual growth.

We build and sustain networks of people— through meaningful and productive networks across presbyteries working together on shared issues of passion, such as prison ministry, mediation and emerging ministries.

We organize gatherings to share best practices— such as our Moderators Gathering; our Emerging Leaders event; our fellowship meeting, Come to the Table; and our Assembly, which focuses on governance issues.