Summary — Sept 22–23, 2017

A Feast!

People came from east and west, from north and south, to feast at our Lord’s Table. They spoke half a dozen different languages, represented rural, urban and suburban churches. Some knew nearly everyone there; some were strangers. But all had one thing in common: they were ready for a feast!

Come to the Table was a whirlwind 24 hours, filled with worship, learning, food and wine, and time for quiet reflection. We listened to our brother Cláudio Carvalhaes as he led us through what it means to be a community, what it means to be covenanted children of God, and what it means to be at the Table.

“Come to the Table” means we are willing to sit next to even the people we don’t like or trust, because it’s Jesus’ Table. It means white people let down defenses to learn more about what their sisters and brothers of color are experiencing in these crazy days. It means a willingness to listen before speaking, and to share the abundance of God’s goodness with all. It means taking that abundance to those who believe only in scarcity. It means bread and honey and wine and fruit and water—the sacramental elements of Holy Communion—are close to the ground, so we can remember where we came from, and that we need to be grounded in God.

Come to the Table is learning, laughing, loving, and now again only two short years away!

Come to the Table 2017 Communion

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Psalm 23:5a

Aderezas mesa delante de mí en presencia de mis angustiadores…”

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies… 

주께서 내 원수의 목 전에서 내게 상을차 려 주시고