Information — Sept 22–23, 2017


Our synod community gathers annually. On the even years we gather as our Synod Assembly — our coming together to affirm our connectional identity by together setting goals and handling the necessary governance. On the odd years we gather at Come to the Table — our coming together to learn about ministry innovation and missional opportunities being developed by Presbyterians throughout our region.

We welcome you to Come to the Table 2017!

Theological Underpinnings

What does it mean to be faithful to Jesus Christ in a time of upheaval? How do we engage enemies and evil — within us and outside of us — and still celebrate the God of goodness and light? How do we live into our calling in the local places where God has led us to ministry and as the wider Synod community? How do we proclaim and live the Gospel of Life Abundant?

These questions we explore through the lens of Feasting on Abundance: When the World Says There Isn't Enough. Come and join your Synod community at Come to the Table!

Keynote and Worship leader:


Cláudio Carvalhaes

Theologian, liturgist and artist, Associate Professor of Worship at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.


Workshop Tracks

To engage and learn about the topics of Come to the Table, we have organized workshops around tracks. In doing so, you will be able to choose to focus on one track in different workshops, or “shop around” different topics in different workshops. Each track will have three different workshop offerings. Below are workshop track descriptions. We will share greater detail on individual workshops very soon! 

  • Anti-Racism Training - For more than a year now the Synod community has been involved in conversations about race, racism, and the ministry and witness of the Church. This workshop track will focus on these topics, and provide ways leaders and congregations can get involved in this conversation. 
  • Who Is my Neighbor? - We are called to worship in community, and our congregations are settled in the midst of communities. Getting to know our neighbors is essential to the ministry of the church and to the way we prepare our Gospel witness. 
  • Building the Table - Knowing the community around us is one thing. Engaging them for the work of the Gospel, justice, truth and reconciliation is another. This track will provide space for conversation and learning about ways to “build our tables” in a way that is relevant to the contexts we are called to serve.
  • Ecotheology - The Creation is God’s sacred gift to us.  It is our mandate to be good stewards who tend, keep and protect the Creation. This track will engage participants in the many ways creation care, congregational ministry, and our Christian witness relate to each other.
  • Mission and Resilience - The many vocations we share as part of the church are a gift and calling from God. It is also an exercise in commitment and fortitude. This track will provide us with tools to help ourselves and our colleagues maintain that life-mission-work balance needed to stay resilient in our Gospel witness.
  • Worship - At the center of the life of our gospel communities is worship. Worship is not only what we do following a liturgy, but who we become in response to the Gospel. This track will highlight practices in worship that seek to make that experience one that is relevant to the community of faith and the context we are called to serve.
  • Being Northeast Presbyterians - The New Way Forward continues to guide the new way the Synod is seeking to be the community of Presbyterians in the Northeast. This track will provide information about the mission, work and initiatives the synod is spearheading to encourage community, witness and life together.

Please download our fliers in English, Korean and Spanish to share with your presbyteries and congregations!


Travel Information

Stony Point Center provides extensive travel information, and is available for pick-ups at local airports, bus stops and trains stations. As you plan your travel, please read this information, and request assistance as needed from Stony Point Center.


Psalm 23:5a

Aderezas mesa delante de mí en presencia de mis angustiadores…”

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies… 

주께서 내 원수의 목 전에서 내게 상을차 려 주시고