O Come, Emanuel in Los Moriches, Long Island

Dear Friends,

‘O Come, Emmanuel’ has taken on new meaning here in our community, Ministerio Hispano en los Moriches, Long Island.
My wife and I minister to a growing community with many immigrants who are coming to Long Island. One young woman we met told us that she was paying $400 for a trip to the Human Resources Office in Manhattan to seek political asylum. Multiple trips at $400 for refugees fleeing persecution! These are not wealthy people. So, we were able to step in and help with transportation and providing a safe community for this young woman, who was also expecting a child. Then in September, when the child was coming, my wife Miriam accompanied the young woman to the hospital. She was there for the delivery of the child—a moment that is like none other.
Miriam remembers that day: “I have not witnessed the birth of my grandchildren, but I was there for this child to be born! It filled my heart. ‘What will you name him?’ I asked her. She answered, ‘Emanuel.’”

We knew in this moment of joy that this would be the name of the new fellowship that’s meeting in the manse: Emanuel. We are so grateful for the reminder that God is with us. We are so blessed to be providing this bridge through Spanish-speaking ministry for so many of our brothers and sisters coming to this country for a life of security and peace. Now, more than ever we are grateful that God is with us in this work.
The Synod of the Northeast has been the presence of God in the form of the offering taken to assist our community at the last Synod Assembly meeting and the reminder that beyond our community we are part of a larger community. The Presbytery of Long Island and the Synod of the Northeast connect us and lift us up so that we can continue to be that bridge for God to enter in to the lives of the people. Would you give to the Synod's Innovation Fund to help fund ministries like ours?

Advent Blessings,

Gustavo Sanchez
Ministerio Hispano en Los Moriches

P.S. Would you #igniteinnovation through a gift today to the Synod’s Innovation Fund? Every dollar that comes in goes to support our work to accompany people seeking asylum.