Balancing Order and Ministry

There are so many necessary details to make any community run smoothly, effectively and with accountability. Some people might say the devil is in the details, but we know that they are necessary in our work to strengthen, nurture and gathering. So if you are looking for the nitty gritty, you have found the right place.


If you are just returning from a meeting and have been approved to be reimbursed for your expenses? Please fill out the Travel Expense Statement and send it to Fran Klaiber. Make sure to check out our Reimbursement Policies before traveling and filling in your expense statement. And if you are interested in making an easy donation to the Synod, fill out the expense statement and request for it to be considered a donation—we will send you a letter thanking you for your contribution!


Going to a Commission or Assembly meeting, or are you a member of our PJC? Check out our by-laws, standing rules and personnel policy.

Insurance Coverage

If you are presbytery or congregation wanting to know what minimum insurance coverage is necessary, you can download the Minimum Insurance Coverage Guide.