The Synod Assembly meets every two years to conduct the governance business of the Synod and to gather together.

Are you looking for documents from the 2016 Synod Assembly? 

How many commissioners can each presbytery elect?

Each presbytery can elect two ruling elders, two teaching elders and one young adult between the age of 17 and 22. It would be wise to also elect one or two alternates in case someone cannot attend at the last minute.

Is there any specific guidance about who should be elected?

To remain faithful to the core values of the New Way Forward, presbyteries are encouraged to elect people who represent age, gender and racial ethnic diversity within your bounds. According to the synod’s standing rules, presbyteries are encouraged to elect at least one commissioner that is age thirty-five or under on the date the Synod Assembly convenes.

In order for commissioners to be knowledgeable about synod matters over the past two years, it would be helpful if presbyteries elect their current Synod Mission and Ministries Commission member as one of your four commissioners.

If your presbytery wishes to put forth a candidate as Moderator-Elect or a person within your presbytery wishes to run for Synod Assembly Moderator-Elect, that person will need to be elected as one of your assembly commissioners.

How long does a Synod Assembly Commissioner serve?

A commissioner will serve from the opening of the 2018 Synod Assembly until the opening of the next assembly in October 2020. Normally, this means that commissioners only attend the stated assembly meeting. However, if there were need to call a special assembly meeting before October 2018, the commissioners elected for 2016 would serve at that meeting.

Can 2016 Synod Assembly Commissioners be re-elected?

Yes. Commissioners are allowed to serve a total of six years or three two-year terms.

What is the deadline for electing Synod Assembly Commissioners?

Elections of commissioners shall ordinarily be completed no later than sixty (60) days prior to the stated meeting. If your presbytery meets infrequently and cannot meet this deadline, please contact the Synod Stated Clerk.

Who pays Synod Assembly meeting expenses?

All commissioners, YADs, and correcsponding members shall have their travel and room and board expenses paid by the Synod on a basis determined by the Synod Mission and Ministries Commission. Travel, lodging and meal expenses of leadership staff members designated by presbyteries shall be borne by the presbyteries.