New Beginnings was a program provided by the Presbyterian Mission Agency as a tool for congregational assessment and discernment for mission.

During the spring meeting of the Synod Collegium (the gathering of presbytery missional leaders) it quickly became apparent that, by and large, this process had led congregational leaders through much needed introspection, a heightened awareness of the communities they are found in, and of anxieties and hopes for future mission. It was also revealed that there is a great pool of persons trained throughout the Synod in the New Beginnings process, and of experiences with other congregational assessment tools.

The New Beginnings Network seeks to serve the Synod community by:

  • Bringing together leaders experienced and trained in leading congregational assessment and discernment
  • Identifying effective program resources for congregational assessment processes
  • Gathering congregations across presbyteries at different phases of assessment for joint learning and story sharing
  • Developing plans, resources and leadership for congregational decision-making and implementation phases

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