The Emerging Leaders initiative strives to identify, connect and support a community of peers for younger leaders.

We define “emerging leaders” as people younger than 40 (and generally older than 25), who are actively engaged in ministry in a variety of settings within the Synod’s bounds. Many are ordained as teaching elders, ruling elders, or deacons, but ordination is not required.

The group’s activities are evolving as the needs of these leaders become evident, but so far they have begun gathering annually as a synod-wide group for community and connection. These gatherings have been critical in helping our emerging leaders connect with one another, identify some of the particular joys and challenges they share, and begin establishing ways to collaborate with and support one another. A social media community has also been formed, and we hope to develop these and other connections further.

Check out this excellent article written by two of our Emerging Leaders.

2017 Emerging Leaders Gathering

Click here for more information about the 2018 Emerging Leaders Gathering.

Emerging Leaders

If you are or know of an emerging leader who might like to be involved, please contact our Mission Coordinator, Margaret Mitsuyasu. We’d love to hear from you!