To date, the Synod has awarded $343,000 in 2018 funding to ministries and gospel communities within our geographic boundaries.

We have awarded $224,500 in Innovation and Emerging Gospel Community Grants and $118,500 to campus ministries.

If you are interested in contributing to the Synod and would like to designate your gift to our projects of innovation, campus ministry and more, please contact our Synod Leader, Harold Delhagen.

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Building Community Through Shared Resources
Presbytery: Northern New York

In a small, rural town in northern New York, the Hammond Presbyterian Church recognizes its unique function as a facilitator and host of community engagement. With the close of the sole restaurant in town and the decline of another local gathering place, the members of HPC are rising to the call to expand their ministries of community gathering and hospitality.

Camp at the Eastward & Sparrows Nest
Presbytery: Northern New England

These two ministries provide hope in an impoverished rural community in Maine by gathering people for community, friendship, worship, and adventure in an environment of acceptance and love, and by gathering and celebrating God's people in theater productions that inspire awe and dedication while opening people to deep community experiences, practicing the walk of faith, and accepting the grace of God.

Digital Communication & Social Media Ministry Network
Presbytery: Elizabeth, Monmouth, & New Brunswick

This network is comprised of members from three presbyteries in New Jersey whose work assists their presbyteries and congregations to improve their strategies around social media use. It is hoped that these strategies might also enable congregations to reimagine who they serve, how they connect, and in what ways they might touch the lives of those not currently served by gospel communities. Initial funding will be used to provide expert staff-support to help inform, inspire, and train teams on a variety of levels.

Firebird Spirit
Presbytery: Genesee Valley

Firebird Spirit is a coordinating and equipping ministry of the South Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY which seeks to provide leadership development and resource sharing among the congregation's 16 community action ministry groups.

Fourth Church Youth Theater: Re-knitting the Neighborhood
Presbytery: Boston

In the midst of neighborhood changes in South Boston, Fourth Presbyterian Church is building on a legacy of connection with the community and a strong children's theater program to develop a more robust theater program for youth. The program will connect youth across racial and economic differences to re-knit deeper relationships within the emerging community.

Glenwood Life Center
Presbytery: Long Island

Glenwood Life Center is a partnership between the Presbytery of Long Island and United Adult Ministries to create a community space in the former Glenwood Presbyterian Church building where people can gather to cultivate shared spirituality, understanding, wellness, and the arts.

Hudson Church Without Walls
Presbytery: Albany

In the midst of structural issues which prevent them from gathering in their building, the First Presbyterian Church of Hudson is embracing the opportunity to ask itself and its community "Where is God?" By experimenting with field trips, public liturgies, mission that is not place-based, trying new forms of worship in unconventional spaces, the congregation is exploring new things that might help them discover a new way of being together and in the community.

The Kindling Collective
Presbytery: Boston

The Kindling Collective (formerly known as the Arts, Spirituality, & Justice Campus Ministry) is a ministry of the Church of the Covenant to artists and art students, particularly those connected to one of the nearby art schools. The ministry explores ways that art and spirituality can be integrated and woven together.

Parents' Night Out
Presbytery: Northern New England

In a small, rural town in northern Vermont, the Presbyterian Church of Barnet was seeking a way of blessing their neighbors and connecting with the children and youth of their community. After assessing the needs and interests of the families in their area, they discovered that an evening of free child-care would be a welcome gift, allowing parents the opportunity to refresh themselves and strengthen their relationships. The church has responded, hosting an evening each month of games and fellowship for children and youth, allowing their parents a night off.


The Plainfield Afterschool Arts Institute
Presbytery: Elizabeth

The Plainfield Afterschool Arts Institute is a partnership between the United Presbyterian Church in Plainfield, NJ and the Institute of Music For Children, which nurtures artistic expression and appreciation of community youth by providing economically accessible, high-quality arts training for underserved children and youth. The program broadens participation though tuition assistance, bilingual staff and marketing, and urban outreach initiatives. In addition to increasing arts education among young people less likely to have access, the program will also serve as a catalyst for United PC's expansion of family outreach and youth worship programs.

Project Connect: Incarcerated Women Visitation & Re-entry
Presbytery: New York City

The Church of Gethsemane, formed in 1986 for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons, has recognized the need to develop a ministry that addresses the particular needs of women as they navigate incarceration and release. The church already has a strong program for men and are seeking to adapt it to better address the unique experiences of women.

Roc SALT Mission Center (Service and Learning Together)
Presbytery: Genesee Valley

The Roc SALT Mission Center is a ministry of the Genesee Valley Presbytery that engages diverse groups in service and learning experiences. These innovative and immersive experiences combine mission partnerships, spiritual reflection, and education while meeting critical and basic needs of neighbors. Roc SALT links spiritual reflection and hands-on mission by connecting groups to urban neighbors in the City of Rochester, NY and surrounding communities around issues of poverty and justice.

Sabbath House
Presbytery: Monmouth

Sabbath House is a center for sacred activism and spiritual companionship. Activities are centered around hospitality -- offering retreats, workshops, hosting meetings and overnight guests, and worship -- and a community garden, cultivated in partnership with Plumsted Township.

Spirit Talk
Presbytery: Hudson River

Spirit Talk is an emerging gospel community gathered around an alternative and interactive worship experience designed for young adults and others not drawn to traditionally organized religious experiences in Peekskill, NY.

Transitioning Mission at the Eastward (MATE) to the 21st Century
Presbytery: Northern New England

Mission at the Eastward is a dynamic, forward-looking family of Presbyterian churches and service ministries located in West Central Maine, inspired by Christ to worship and work, "reaching the last house on the last road" with God's gifts and graces so that they are exemplified, multiplied, and shared with others for the good of all.

Trinity Summer Youth Academy
Presbytery: Newark

This ministry of the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montclair, NJ provides fun and educational programming for at-risk youth, intended to assist them in overcoming social injustice, as well as food insecurity during the summer months when students do not have access to subsidized lunch programs. While attending to the physical, social, and economic needs of these youth, the ministry also strives to care for their spiritual wellbeing by cultivating a community of welcome where they can experience the love and care of God.

Valley Stream Community Gospel Choir
Presbytery: Long Island

This community partnership ministry of the Valley Stream Presbyterian Church brings youth from three area high schools and surrounding communities together around music. The program aims to address teen violence by promoting unity through shared experience and creativity, as well as equipping young people of color, especially young men, with stronger senses of self-esteem and belonging.

Walking Together & Walking with Me
Presbytery: Northern New England

The Londonderry Presbyterian Church in Londonderry, NH recognized a need for stronger grief-support programs in their community. Where many local bereavement support groups are designed for a series of several weeks, LPC acknowledged that grief and the need for support is a much longer journey. In response, they have started two programs: Walking Together, which is designed for those grieving a spouse, and Walking with Me, for those grieving any other loved one.

Watertown Multi-Ethnic Community
Presbytery: Northern New York

The Watertown Multi-Ethnic Community is an emerging gospel community in Watertown, NY that gathers people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to explore and celebrate Christian faith.



Russell Sage College (and RPI)
Troy Area United Ministries

Union College
Campus Protestant Ministry

University of Albany
Protestant Campus Ministry in Albany

Genesee Valley

Nazareth College
Nazareth College Protestant Worship Community

University of Rochester
Genesee Area Campus Ministries

Long Island

Long Island University - Post Campus
Protestant Campus Ministry at LIU Post

Stony Brook University
Protestant Campus Ministry

New Brunswick

Rutgers University
Rutgers Protestant Campus Ministries: RUSpiritual

Princeton University
Princeton Presbyterians of the Westminster Foundation

Northern New England

University of Maine
The Wilson Center / Maine Christian Association Inc.

Plymouth State University
United Campus Ministry at PSU 

University of New Hampshire
United Campus Ministry to the UofNH

University of Vermont
Cooperative Christian Ministry at UVM

Susquehanna Valley

Cornell University
Protestant Cooperative Ministry at CU

SUNY Cortland
Campus Ministry at SUNY Cortland

SUNY Delhi
Delhi Campus Ministry

Ithaca College
IC Protestant Campus Ministry

Western New York

SUNY Buffalo
Campus Church Coalition (legally Campus Church ConneXion)

Presbyterian Institutions

Bloomfield College